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  1. 2 290,00 €
    fter having won over the international audiophile community with state-of-the-art reference amplifiers, to conceive a product with a set price point as the main design limit has been a true challenge to Pathos. The Classic One project was initiated to transfer, in a more affordable amplifier, all the know-how and expertise acquired developing reference products. Classic One represents a new standard in its price category: it success fully blends in a single chassis a preamplifier and power amplifier, completely separated from each other and provided with their own individual power supplies. The pre-stage - or, better, the preamplifier - is purely tube, balanced, pure Class A, extremely low noise, with high intrinsic linearity and without any feedback. It provides an exquisitely tube sound in terms of transparency, air, harmonics and refinement… in one word, musicality. The power stage is a solid state power amplifier, high bias current, Class A/AB in order to adequately drive every load. It provides the sound with speed and dynamics, without influencing the tube nature of the sound. The volume control is motorised and remote controlled, the remote itself is in solid wood. Power supplies are over-dimensioned and stabilized. Selected components, pure silver Pathos signal cable wiring, gold plated terminals, high quality materials and refinement at its highest standard are additional benefits provided with the Classic One. Together with such sound performance and overall quality, the Classic One is offered at a price that clearly demonstrates a philosophy of value for money. This is possible thanks to an aimed design approach, coupled with extremely accurate engineering and superior aesthetic form.
  2. 2 790,00 €
    ”Beauty is the only thing against which the power of time can not harm. What is beautiful is a joy for all seasons and a possession for all eternity ” Oscar Wilde "Beauty as a unifying element, the universal language beyond of culture, age, nationality, a noble force able to remove the barriers and put in contact humanity. Beauty of sound, beauty of craftsmanship, beauty of technology, the beauty of the novelty, beauty of style and design, beauty as an ambassador of a confirmation for those already familiar with the Pathos, or ambassador of the Pathos values for all others that who will find in a new and perfect balance of lines, materials, and technologies, all iconic elements tradition Pathos albeit in a more contemporary formula revisited, in a word: ClassicRemix!" Gaetano Zanini, CEO
  3. 4 090,00 €
    Close to the spirit that has animated since its origin has always been involved in the search for new solutions and improvement of its machines for Music. E with this approach that Pathos after more than ten years after the introduction of the integrated Pathos Logos presents its evolution MKII. Pathos is not usual to introduce updated versions of its models except in the presence of substantial and meaningful new ideas to offer its loyal customers and in general to all lovers of good music. Indeed behind the usual original design the new Logos MKII hide the introduction of a series of new solutions some thinked in order to further enhance the sound of the amplifier and others to meet the demand for versatility and practicality that a demanding clientele pretends that is also present in a high-end device.

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3 article(s)

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